Application: Office

Segment: Residency

Location: Baden, Austria

Partner: Led for Living

Lighting design: OMS

Project Manager: OMS – Peter Sadlon

Description: This lighting project complemented rebuilding and renovation of an old Jugendstil Villa from 1920 in Baden near Vienna. The ultimate goal was to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with the use of customised lighting solutions. All luminaires were provided with high CRI 90, colour temperature 2700K, and adjustable light intensity. Below you can read more about the lighting solution for the studio.


The lighting solution in the residential building was provided by Led for Living powered by OMS. The most complex design and planning was required for the studio. The room is a multipurpose space divided into three areas. As the customer had a clear idea about the furniture layout and colour combinations, we planned the lighting solutions in accordance with his wishes.

The first part of the studio serves as a workroom. The task area, including the table as well as the office desks, is illuminated with elegantly suspended HILA luminaires. The optimal light uniformity is achieved by combining both direct and indirect lighting.

The passage across the room serves for people to move around, access the closets and shelves fixed to the wall. In order to provide for consistent lighting that is adaptable to the individual needs of all room users at the same time, we opted for the line system, i.e. eight ZIPAR luminaires attached to a rail. The rail is set in the side wall of the wooden ceiling joist. This solution does not only serve a decorative purpose but also makes a fully-featured part of the space layout.

The whole lighting concept becomes complete with recessed spotlights ZIPAR Adjustable. These luminaires cast light in an adaptable angle and thus support the general illumination of the working area. They prevent eye tiredness and enhance the overall comfortability of the room.

The third part of the room could be described as a rest zone, located in the corners of the room. The light intensity in the areas with a couch and the pinball does not have to be high. In addition, daylight is coming in through two windows and the installed lighting system provide for enough light so that the corners remain the perfect spots for relaxation.

In this studio room, Led for Living powered by OMS implemented the latest office lighting technology. Starting with calculations and ending with installation, we contributed to the successful reconstruction of the Zauner Residence.