Country: Slovakia

Application: Retail

Segment: Fashion Shop

We are proud to announce that we have completed a stylish LED lighting solution for a design fashion store for women – VIVI & LULU, in cooperation with our Slovak partner Eco-logic. The fashion store VIVI & LULU introduces fashion for modern women who are independent, refined and love fresh design. We can surely say that this lighting solution from OMS has the same parameters.


The store represents its products in a perfect line with the store design, which unites natural materials, history and tradition with hi-tech facilities and also with new representative elements in each of models. For that reason, they have chosen our lighting solution using ELYS TW luminaires and Dynamic Shop Window.

We planned our lighting solution according to requirements of the owner, who had a clear concept of furniture distribution and colour combination. The main purpose of the project was to provide individual lighting adjustment (CCT and intensity) to specific products. The lighting management system enables customer to record 9 different scenes into the device memory, which can be easily controlled by a store employee.

On the demand of owner the CCT changes depending on the times of the day. Times were specified by the owner. All of these interesting functions were provided via luminaires – ELYS TW TRACK.

The shop window includes stylish mannequins matching the store design with the interior. Therefore, the next requirement of this project was to draw the attention of a potential customer to the products in the shopping window as soon as he stops in front of the store.

The Dynamic Shop Window was chosen to ensure the best first impression and to refine the overall shopping experience in the store. The adjustment of lighting beams with Cri 90+ shows all products in the best ,,light”. The control is provided by a user-friendly touch panel, so that adjustment of lighting is available in a few clicks.

The VIVI & LULU presently belongs to a small group of stores equipped with the most cutting-edge lighting solution system in that segment. The optimal lighting set up makes a customer focus on targeted products and adds a resourceful and modern design feeling to the whole store increasing the positive emotions during the shopping experience. VIVI & LULU becomes an ideal place for fashionable and modern women to shop.