Name: Forbo Siegling s.r.o.,

Country: Slovakia

Application: Industry

Segment: Hall

Designer: MONTEL, s.r.o.

Forbo Siegling s.r.o., a division of Movement Systems, is a global industrial leader in supplying high-quality conveyor and process belts, as well as plastic modular belts, driving belts, timing belts and flat belts made of synthetic materials. They have a number of uses not only in the manufacturing but also in the sales and services sectors.

When preparing the project for Forbo, emphasis was placed on a number of important factors such as ergonomics, ecology, efficiency and feasible return on investment. Naturally, the precondition was that all the EU health and safety standards be met.  We have to say that all the conditions were excellently complied with.

The company was assured of autonomy in the field of lighting, including the associated energy cost savings in operating its lighting system.

In total, 412 units of MYAR, EMY, and TDO II ECO lights were installed in the company, connected to the DALI control system.

The control function is divided into two parts.

  1. Constant illumination control. Since the building features many wide skylights, a central illumination sensor was installed. The constant illumination level is set for both the production and dispatch sections. After turning on the lights, the control system determines whether there is sufficient natural light available at the workplace. The lights are turned off automatically if there is enough natural light. If there is not enough natural light, the system automatically adjusts the lighting to the desired value. The constant illumination is set in cascades. This means that the intensity of illumination under a skylight is lower than the intensity away from a skylight.


  1. Motion sensor control. A total of 56 movement sensors were installed in the shelf corridors to provide autonomous lighting operation. A shelf corridor is divided into multiple lighting groups, which turn on one by one depending on the present movement. Once a sensor detects any movement, the set group of lights is turned on at 100%. After 90 seconds the intensity is automatically reduced to 10%, provided that no movement is detected. If no movement is detected in the next 30 minutes, the lights are automatically turned off. After four months of operation, the average shelf corridor intensity during working hours has been ranging between 15 and 35 percent. The shelf corridors located under a skylight are not turned on whenever there is enough natural light.


The control system is also connected to the Internet. Using the Webcontrol web application, it is possible to remotely control, monitor and diagnose the lights. There is a lighting timetable set in the application which controls the lights remotely in line with the customer’s requirements. The functions of turning the lights on/off and the work breaks are provided by this timetable. This means that the employees no longer have to worry about lighting at their workplaces.  The application also includes 24/7 diagnostics of the lights and the control system.  When a defective light or malfunction of the control system is identified, the customer receives a notification email. The electricity consumption meters are installed in the electrical switchboard cabinets. The information on the current power output and energy consumption may be also monitored using the web application that provides the option to have the data exported to an Excel file. Each production hall allows the option to control the lighting manually using buttons.

The system likewise comes with remote management features. In case of any problems or changes to the control logic, it is possible to perform these operations without the need to travel to the customer’s site.

Combined, all these implemented lighting and sensor components and the control system provide the company with all the predefined requirements. According to preliminary calculations, the company may succeed in saving up to 9,582.96 a month on lighting cost thanks to being able to control it.

Thus, Forbo has joined other companies that think 4E – Ergonomics, Ecology, Efficiency and Energy-savings. We are very pleased with this fact as our company emphasises these exact values, and we firmly believe that we shall continue to contribute to improving the environment through implementing such projects.

We thank to our long-term partner MONTEL, s.r.o. for the successful realisation of Forbo Siegling project. Thanks to a professional approach of both companies that contained of requirement specification, ordering, delivery, programming and project finalisation is the customer satisfied with its decision to cooperate with us. We firmly believe, that our cooperation will continue to deliver an exceptional solutions to all our next customers.