Name: Primary school Eriksbergsskolan

Application: Education

Segment: Primary School

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Lighting design: Let It Light (LIL)/Rexel

Project Manager: OMS – Michal Elečko

Description: The lighting requirements in educational institutions in Sweden are strictly given. Therefore, the project company Let It Light opted for cooperation with a flexible partner. OMS offered the solution that outreached the expectations and helped to create a stimulating and inspirational space with optimal conditions for learning. On the following lines, you can read a case study about Eriksbergsskolan in Uppsala, Sweden. However, in the past few months LIL in cooperation with OMS worked on many similar projects, for example in Uppsala, we did 20 classrooms in Bracklösaskolan, 20 classrooms in Tunabergsskolani, 25 classrooms in Söraskolan, 4 classrooms in Säterskolan in Säter, 2 classrooms in Kristina Gymnasium in Falun and 8 classes in a school in Kiruna.