Name: Slovnaft. MOL Group

Country: Slovakia

Application: Industry

Segment: Petrol station

Description: This petrol station lighting system utilises movement detection to group-regulate under-canopy lighting levels according to need. A safety level of 50% luminous output is maintained at all times to ensure adequate visibility across the whole premises. When a car approaches a particular filling space in the under-canopy zone, the luminous output of the appropriate group of luminaires increases to 100% to ensure full visibility and maximum safety. After five minutes, which is a period of time sufficient for filling to be completed, the luminous output gradually and smoothly decreases again to 50%. Each group of luminaires is independently regulated to provide maximum flexibility according to activity.

The reduction of luminous flux during periods of inactivity reduces energy consumption by 40% and effectively minimises visual disturbance caused by light to drivers passing by on the road.