Indoor parking areas and garages are tricky places for both – drivers and pedestrians. It’s the utter importance for the always dark place to be well illuminated.

Inside underground parking areas, where there is no access to daylight, need a lighting solution that focuses on practicality and safety. Routes and parking spaces must be clearly illuminated in order that drivers can safely manoeuvre and park in confined dimension of the parking zone without incident. Drivers also need to see any pedestrians that may be in dangerous proximity, as well as any obstacles.

A sufficient illumination especially in the areas with irregular occurrence of people is inevitable also from the security point of view. It enables the people to recognise faces and to respond in time to the first signs of aggression. Suitable visual acuity needs to be ensured, which will promote a sense of wellbeing and safety as any unknown person or possible danger can be assessed from a distance.


Illumination of underground parking areas can be broadly categorised into three elements: entrance and exit area lighting, traffic route and parking space lighting, and peripheral area lighting. In all cases good colour rendering is beneficial to aid visual acuity. Extra attention needs to be paid to the entrances and exits because these are places of significant light change, where the eye needs to adapt to changing light conditions. While the human eye can easily adapt to the dark-light transition, it needs several seconds to adapt to light-dark transition. To eliminate the risk of accidents during the eye-adaptation process, we need to reduce the brightness intensity of the entrance/exit to the minimum.


In such spaces, where there is little or no daylight available, artificial lighting must be provided that could lead to high energy consumption. This can be minimised with the right Lighting Management SystemSafety is required at all times, but full illumination is only needed when there is activity in a given area. It is suitable to choose constant illuminance sensor and presence detector that scan the movement of the vehicle in the garage, manage the illumination in zones where it is necessary and create the guidance lines in the area of the underground parking lot. With the combination of LED technology, constant illuminance sensor and presence detectors can provide energy savings up to 80%. The lighting system will not only save on energy and maintenance, but will also guide the driver and help with orientation.


Proper management and maintenance of a lighting solution can be quite complex, time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, we developed the innovative OMS Central Management System (CMS). The modern and user-friendly system offers many benefits: it lowers maintenance costs thanks to automated data collection that is used to provide alerts and details about devices that are not working quite right, as well as telling users exactly where and which device is the problem; it improves safety by delivering alerts and notifications in real-time as well as letting users know when a luminaire or light source is nearing the end of its life, which means any lighting issues can be resolves very quickly, or even before they happen; and it supports real-time system monitoring including luminaire, group and system power consumption, voltage parameters, current and past power factors and even device temperatures.

This system is an advanced platform designed to monitor, collect, store, validate, manage and record process data. As such, it enables utility and maintenance companies the benefits of a reliable and cost-effective tool that helps to reduce operational costs and improve system performance.