Modern public lighting provides comfort and high level of safety with perfect light uniformity and enhanced peripheral visual acuity. It ensures the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission by using intelligent LMS. Well-designed urban lighting can support the economy of communities and cities both by attracting visitors and by creating a sustainable environment. Our solution provides easy controlling and monitoring of public lighting.


Proper management and maintenance of a street lighting solution can be quite complex, time-consuming and expensive. To solve this, we developed the innovative solution for our customers. The modern user-friendly system offers several benefits: it lowers maintenance costs thanks to automated data collection, provides notifications with details about devices that are not working right, as well as telling users exactly where and which device is the problem. At the same time it improves safety by delivering alerts. It supports real-time system monitoring with information about luminaire, group and system power consumption, voltage parameters, current and past power factors and even device temperatures.

Watch the video below to see how easy this advanced platform can monitor, collect, store, validate, manage and process data.  As a result it enables utility and maintenance companies the benefits of a reliable and cost-effective tool that helps to reduce operational costs and improve system performance.


The optic system of high quality LED street luminaires was developed to minimise the amount of light falling outside the target area and to ensure 100% illumination uniformity on the road. Having lifetime of 100,000 hours the luminaires provided in OMS are a guarantee for long-term satisfaction.

White light emitted by LEDs ensures high levels of peripheral visual acuity, helping road users to notice roadside movements sooner and from a greater distance. This gives drivers precious extra time to stop the vehicle if a child, pedestrian, cyclist or animal unexpectedly crosses their path, thus reducing the incidence of accidents and fatalities.

White light also provides superior colour rendition, which means that it improves the clarity of images recorded by CCTV cameras, helping in the identification of people and vehicles as well as supplying reliable evidence in case of recorded criminal activity.


Choose Power Line communication for control that is facilitated along the existing power supply infrastructure. This allows all communication to be done without the need for additional control lines or cabling, thus minimising reconstruction costs. The solution is ideal especially for older installations with a limited number of phases. Special transmitters are located in the distribution boxes, while receivers are within the luminaires.

The other option is to implement RF. With RF communication all control commands between the central control unit and the luminaire are sent using radio frequency. This allows minimising the cost of installation, plus lighting systems can be reconstructed without need for replacement or addition of wiring infrastructures, nor investment in control line cabling. It also means that no fees need to be paid for the transferred data, which further reduces operational costs.


To maximise energy saving we implement real time traffic management system into each street lighting solution. It means that the light level is adjusted according to traffic volume, while high-enough level of lighting is provided to maintain safety when no movement is detected. The system makes it possible to save large amounts of energy on outdoor lighting, especially during the silent hours.

The solution is easy to mount and can also be fitted to existing street lighting. That means that each street luminaire in the selected area features a radar detector that senses all activity that requires optimal lighting on the road or in the area. It only registers the activity that is relevant for safety – nothing else. As a result, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will experience normal illumination levels all along their route. While when the road is without any movements for a certain time it saves energy.



To learn more about the centralised control and monitoring system, download our brochure. We describe the step by step installation guide and system functionalities in the user manual. Download them for further guidance. Also, we designed a special democase to showcase how the solution works in practice. It is available for our partners, too.